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You've been running now for a little while - or you've come back from a lay-off from your running. You're ready to run your first race - or your first race in a while. The 5K Race is the perfect distance for you!Planning a race is great motivation to get out the door for your run every day. You have a training schedule to keep up with.

11 Apr 20

Do you know how a pair of shoes can make all the difference to your indoor cycling workouts? Both in terms of performance and comfort the right pair of spinning shoes can show you the difference in results within days. Here's why you need spinning shoes for indoor cycling.

18 Apr 20

If you are wearing your regular athletics shoes to your cycling jaunts, you might not be getting all the advantages of your cycling sessions in your workout routine. With stiff bottoms that clip into the pedals, these shoes are designed to offer the maximum comfort and efficiency while ensuring a smooth ride.

07 May 20

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11 Oct 20
Running is such a great way to stay in shape and stay healthy. More and more people are continuing (or even starting) their running after the age of 40. You hear of many runners who are running marathons in their 60's, 70's, 80's beyond. However, after you reach your 40's, you need to do your training a little differently to stay out on the roads.
15 Nov 20
Many of us have gone on diets before and had a certain amount of success, but we either end up giving up or hitting a plateau. Why is it so hard to lose those last few pounds around your midsection? You may even be on a very strict diet and do hours of cardio each week and still not be able to shed this weight.
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06 Nov 20
Gyms can be intimidating and membership fees expensive. A simpler alternative is to get exercising with home workout videos. Check out our top picks for fitness DVDs. Jane Fonda's Prime Time Fit and Strong At 73, few women can boast of a body as fit as Jane Fonda's. With Prime Time Fit and Strong, Ms. Fonda lets you in on her fitness secrets.
30 Nov 20
What components make up a treadmill? Treadmills are designed with basic components like motors, belts, decks, flywheels, frames, rollers, electronics and display consoles. Let us briefly go through each of these components.Motors:The motor is considered to be one of the most important components of a treadmill. The treadmill works mainly with the help of the motor.
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