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November 6, 2020
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The Best Home Workout Videos

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Gyms can be intimidating and membership fees expensive. A simpler alternative is to get exercising with home workout videos. Check out our top picks for fitness DVDs.

Jane Fonda's Prime Time Fit and Strong

At 73, few women can boast of a body as fit as Jane Fonda's. With Prime Time Fit and Strong, Ms. Fonda lets you in on her fitness secrets. The DVD is comprised of two 25-minute workout routines and is targeted at everyone, regardless of fitness level. All the exercises can be done sitting and standing; they are guaranteed to burn fat, strengthen your core and tone all muscle groups thoroughly. You'll also enjoy Fonda's expert tips and her calm and supportive tone.

Billy Blanks' Tae-Bo Get Celebrity Fit Sculpt

With his latest DVD, famous fitness expert Billy Blanks brings you some fantastic Tae Bo moves as part of an invigorating workout routine. Blanks will show you how to attain a toned and sculpted physique. The best part about this DVD is his holistic, total-body focus. The 44-minute DVD has some heart-pounding exercises (kicks, stretches, cardio, etc.), great music and expert tips to condition your entire body. You'll love Blanks' enthusiasm and the way he makes exercising so much fun!

The Biggest Loser: The Workout

If weight loss is your goal, you can't go wrong with The Workout from the same people who brought you The Biggest Loser. In this 109 minute DVD, you'll have access to various segments that focus on warm ups, high/low intensity cardio, bootcamp, weights and stretches, strengthen/sculpt and cool downs. This allows you to mix and match segments to create a customised workout plan. The Workout is an intense and challenging workout regimen.

Cream Ibiza Dance Workout

Renowned clubbing name Cream brings you the Ibiza Dance Workout, geared towards aerobics enthusiasts. Ibiza Dance Workout is full of energy and fun as it takes you through some seriously exhilarating exercises while swinging to classic club hits. The exercises/dance moves are classified into sections such as Combat, Fat Burner and Bums/Tums, all of which are easy to learn and will help you attain a completely toned and lissom body.

Pilates Weekly Workout

If Pilates is more your thing, go for this one. Pilates Weekly Workout comes with three 25 minute routines that will relax and strengthen your body. You can follow each routine separately or combine them to create your own Pilates plan. The exercises focus on working your postural muscles, endurance, flexibility, coordination and muscle rebalancing. The instructor, Lynne Robinson, is knowledgeable and will patiently guide you through every exercise.

Convenient and affordable, fitness DVDs are popular worldwide. Pick one of these, depending on what appeals to you.


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