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April 11, 2020
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3 Reasons You Should Train For A 5K Run

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You've been running now for a little while - or you've come back from a lay-off from your running. You're ready to run your first race - or your first race in a while. The 5K Race is the perfect distance for you!

Planning a race is great motivation to get out the door for your run every day. You have a training schedule to keep up with. And, you need to make sure that you are properly trained before you hit the starting line.

There are many reasons why a 5K Run is the perfect starting point for your racing. Here are my top 3 reasons:

1. Time for training. A 5K race can be adequately trained for on 3-4 days running a week. If you're just starting to run - or just coming back - you can train for a 5K in just a few weeks. Also, if you are super busy, a 5K training program doesn't take a big chunk of time out of your schedule as a longer race does.

2. Shortness of race day. For your first race, you want to get involved with race activities - but the festivities surrounding longer races could overwhelm you. With a 5K, you get to the race, run 3.1 miles, cool down and then you're done. It doesn't take the whole day for race day.

3. The feeling of being a "fast" runner. With a 5K race, you can maintain a faster pace than with a longer race. You feel like you're flying and feel like you've accomplished something wonderful at the end.

A 5K is the perfect race for your first race. A 5K is also a great race to get your speedwork in when you've been running for years. Everyone needs a fast run now and then.

I like to do a 5K run every so often to keep my speedwork up. I really don't go to the track anymore for structured speedwork - so doing a 5K every now and then keeps my speed up. Well, as far as I want my speed up!

For your first race, you really need a training program to keep you on track. You need to make sure that you are putting in the proper mileage, the proper workouts and even plan your rest days to get you to the starting line feeling great. And,even more important, feeling great when you cross the finish line!


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