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September 23, 2020
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Bodybuilding Workout Tips, Quick Methods to Train Your Muscles

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There is information going around both on and offline about how to build up muscle rapidly. As a personal trainer, I can recommend some little known facts that will help you in building muscle. These tips will help you to get going on your quest to build up your muscle mass.

I often hear that you should train each muscle group just once a week. Whilst this may produce optimal progress for extreme hardgainers it is not true for most people.

Of course you should not be overtraining, however like most things in life, one will not get better at something by just practicing once a week, and this is also true to some extent with bodybuilding as well.

It is good to train muscle groups a minimum of two times per week. Ideally, you can be pushing your body to be nearly overtraining, and then lay off into a period of under training. This way when the body is under a lot of strain it will be able to manage it well as well as it will use the downtimes to recover and build up the drive for another push. If you train in this manner, you can easily avoid training plateaus.

Limit your workout sessions to 45 minutes. If you think this time is too short, then your exercise program is too long, or you do not workout intensely enough. 45 minutes is ample time if you concentrate on intensity and focus on the task at hand.

If your workout session lasts longer than 45 minutes then testosterone levels will drop drastically because there will be more production of cortisol which makes the body eat muscle tissue and store fat. This is exactly the opposite of what we want.

You need to set cycles for your training, meaning that after sometime your muscle will not be urged into growing by the same regimens because the body will have become accustomed to the workout and can handle it already. Change up your regimen before your gains begin to lessen.

Additionally, you should try not to change your workout program too frequently either. Doing this can confuse your body?s muscles and it will stop progressing into a nice groove.

Big gains are unlikely to occur for you if you don?t use the correct exercises. The classic time proven muscle building exercises are the multi-joint exercises otherwise known as compound exercises.

The best ones are: dead lifts, bench presses, rows, squats, pull ups, shoulder presses plus any exercise that moves your entire body through air ie, not just moving individual limbs. If you use these exercises, with a few of their variations and correct muscle building nutrition then you can?t help but stimulate muscle mass growth.

By using the mentioned recommendations and sticking to correct muscle building diet and workouts, you will quickly be able to build up muscle mass and be huge before you know it!


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