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July 7, 2020
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An Easier Way to Lose Weight

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Failing to lose weight even on a strict diet and with hard exercise can certainly disappoint the person who worked so hard. But there are several other factors which must be considered when a person embarks on a weight loss program. Imbalance of hormones is one factor.

There can be insufficient levels of one or more hormones in the body, and since all the hormones work together, a low level of one or more throws the body out of whack. As a body gets older, hormone production slows down. Hormone imbalance can be remedied.

Sometimes weight gain is caused by low levels of DHEA and thyroid hormones. A great number of men accrue a spare tire - abdominal fat - which could be the result of low testosterone and excess estrogen. Obesity caused by hormone imbalance affects both men and women.

Blood tests known as full blood panel should be done to check the various hormone levels. The results of this test will help a physician in identifying what hormones are out of balance and enable him or her to prescribe natural hormones that can be given to bring the hormone levels of the body back into balance.

Another factor that affects unwanted weight gain is, of course, what type of food a person consumes. Foods that have a high glycemic index (that is, a lot of sugar or carbs that turn into sugar) raise blood sugar levels to high and too quickly. In response the body releases insulin and if the pattern continues the cells develop insulin insensitivity and then insulin resistance, and diabetes ensues.

Physical exercise will help a person lose weight once the above factors are corrected. But it need not be a hard daily workout. Modest increases in physical activity will reduce fat mass. Exercise brings about more changes than just burning up calories of stored body fat. There are also changes in the cells such as increased insulin sensitivity, so exercise will improve diabetes.

High insulin has a big effect on weight gain. It also blocks the breakdown of fat. Cells become resistive to insulin and blood sugar goes up. So regaining cell sensitivity to insulin is an important factor when one wants to lose weight.

Restoring insulin sensitivity is very important to a weight loss plan. When the cells become resistive to insulin, blood sugar rises. Diabetes can ensue. High insulin results in fat accumulation and active blocking of fat breakdown.

Chromium, gymnema sylvetere, and fish oils are useful natural supplements that can help cells increase insulin sensitivity. These should be taken as well as light exercise.

Serotonin is also an important element in a weight loss plan. When the brain has sufficient serotonin, the body feels full - not hungry. A person will eat less food. Studies have found that overweight people have a low level of tryptophan, which could be related to a deficiency of serotonin in the brain. A person who has such a deficiency tends to binge on carbohydrates.

All of these things contribute to obesity, and anyone wishing to lose weight needs to consult a physician trained in alternative medicine who can determine which treatments are right for your body.


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