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June 10, 2020
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All About Spinning Bicycle Setup And Maintenance

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Regular exercise and cardio training routines are very popular with many gym enthusiasts today, and the most widely used piece of equipment for cardiovascular fitness is the exercise bicycle. Exercise bike setup and maintenance is relatively simple, albeit quite routine and consistent especially if the equipment is frequently used.

The setup of a spinning bike is one that is relatively simple as these items are usually assembled ready right out of the box with a manual as a guide. The only other adjustments needed to be made are the settings of the saddle seat and bike pedals to maxmize user comfort.

The best way to go about adjusting the bike to user preference is to sit directly on the bicycle and determine the seat and pedal adjustments based on what is comfortable. Handlebars should also be adjusted according to weight, meaning forty percent of total body weight should be distributed to the handlebars, leaving the remaining sixty percent on the saddle in order to have maximum comfort for a long workout routine.

Indoor fitness machines like the exercise bicycle may not accumulate much dirt especially if the area is always maintained dust free, however maintenance is still key for keeping the equipment in good shape. Salt from the persperation of riders can actually drip down to the unit and cause rust to the components, so cleaning and regular checking of parts is still required.

General deep cleaning and washing of all removable bike components should be done once a week, and then lubricated. Lubricating solutions for fitness machines are widely available in stores, and when in doubt about the brand, ask the manufacturer or any gym maintenance technician for suggestions.

Every time the spinning bike is used, the chains undergo a lot of tension pressure buildup which can also ruin the mechanisms if not properly maintained. It is best to remove the chain and cables in order to relieve the tension in the machine, as well as avoid stretching of the more flexible parts. In addition, a brush can be used to remove additional dirt and grime that may have accumulated on the chain.

All screws must be examined regularly, as these have a tendency to loosen up with frequent use. Keep a screwdriver handy in order to be able to tighten up the screws that seem to be loosening up from regular use.

Torque settings for pedals should also be regularly checked if the unit is used frequently, and the recommendation for these checks would be once a week. Likewise, torque settings for the crank arms should be checked once a month and one should always have the manual to refer to the specifications of torque numbers for that model.

With regular maintenance and some diligent inspection, an exercise bicycle can last for many years in prime condition. The benefits of consistent cardio workout can be rewarding and well worth the extra effort in maintenance of a good, reliable exercise equipment.


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