Mueller - Weiss Syndrome: An uncommon cause of midfoot pain

  • VK Kumar Gokulam Medical College Venjaramoodu Trivandrum, Kerala India
  • Renuka Mohan Gokulam Medical College Venjaramoodu Trivandrum, Kerala India


A case of spontaneous osteonecrosis of bone is presented by the authors. It is described in literature as Mueller - Weiss syndrome.Patients are adults, presenting with spontaneous onset of foot pain. The characterstic radiological features are collapse of lateral portion of Navicular followed by medial protrusion and perinavicular arthritis.Treatment is by curettage and medial column arthrodesis.

Author Biographies

VK Kumar, Gokulam Medical College Venjaramoodu Trivandrum, Kerala India

Asst. Professor ofOrthopaedics

Renuka Mohan, Gokulam Medical College Venjaramoodu Trivandrum, Kerala India
Professor of Orthopaedics


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